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The French Maritime Archives

As early as 2007, the association began digitalizing and indexing the registers of North African maritime registrations covering the period 1821-1970.

These registers, kept at the Maritime Archives of Toulon, include maritime inscriptions for the districts of Philippeville, Algiers and Oran. Now indexed and imported into our database, you can easily find your ancestors' seafaring records, learn more about their arrival and activity in North Africa, and reconstruct their maritime careers.

This project is managed by Henri SCOTTO DI VETTIMO who has summarised the useful information below for you and is processing your requests for documents. Here you will find the complete list of the indexes that we have digitalized and computerized:

To learn more about the history and content of the French Maritime Archives, you can consult the following documents:

The Maritime Archives have also published articles in the Official Gazette, or in local newspapers, concerning maritime personnel, e.g. the awarding of lifesaving awards or the awarding of medals of honour to merchant seamen.

inscription maritime

Example of a maritime registration document

carrière maritime

Example of a maritime career reconstruction