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Today, almost 690 000 of Uruguayans, 1.4 million of Peruvians, 1.8 million of Venezuelans, 20.5 million of Brazilians and 24 million of Argentinians claim to have Italians origins, either ancestors or as Italian citizen. They represent more than 12% of the South American population (4.6% of the Peruvian population, 6% of the Venezuelan population, 11% of the Brazilian population, 20% of the Uruguayan population and more than half of the Argentinian population). For the past 150 years, it is estimated to 3 million the number of Italians having crossed the Atlantic to reach Argentina, 1.5 million for Brazil, 300 000 for Venezuela and more than 100 000 for Uruguay and Venezuela.

In order to help you in your research and find the tracks of your relatives having immigrated to South America, please find below a summary of useful information:

Center for Latin American Migration Studies

The Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos has been working, since 28th of December 1985, on the preservation, the promotion and the diffusion of several documentary sources and results of studies on the migration to and from Latin America, especially on the Italian immigration to Argentina.

Based in Buenos Aires, it is known also as the first specialized library exclusively dedicated to migration in Argentina with more than four thousand sources (Books, Publications, micro films, etc.) and to a lesser extent to migration in Uruguay and Chile.

In addition to the on-site access, which allows full access to the various sources, the center offers online access to a database. This concerns only arrivals in the port of Buenos Aires for the period from 1882 to 1960.

National Archives of Brazil

The Arquivo Nacional, located in Rio de Janeiro was founded on 2nd January 1838. This is the Brazilian agency, subordinate to the Ministry of Justice, in charge of preserving and providing the public with governmental and historic documents.

The National Archives of Brazil also offers access to an online database called SIAN (National Archives Information System) for historic documents as well as other auxiliary databases such as arrivals registers in the port of Rio de Janeiro from 1876.

Institute for Genealogical Studies of Uruguay

The Instituto de Estudios Genealogicos del Uruguay is an association founded on 26th May 1979 in Montevideo. The aim is to gather around researchers and individuals dedicated to the study of genealogy in order to increase and preserve country's cultural heritage through research and publications.

The access to the different sources is done on-site only, at the institute's library. It contains a large collection of archives, documents but also the newspapers published by the association itself.

The institute offers sessions, courses, seminars and exhibitions on the theme of genealogy and also provides assistance to members wishing to do research on their family.

 Various search engines on the web

Gen Argentina is an Argentinian portal on immigration. It offers search help and methodologies to follow in order to guide users in their genealogical approaches. The website relies on several websites, blogs or genealogical sources.

Imigrantes Italianos is a website that presents the history of the Italian immigration to Brazil through multiple authentic stories of nationals. It also offers several references in order to carry out genealogical research, especially in order to carry out the procedures for obtaining Italian nationality.

Los Italianos en el Peru is a website that presents the history of the Italian immigration to Peru through images and archives

Los Italianos en el Uruguay is a biographical book published in 1920. It is a collection of more than a thousand stories of Italians living in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay at the time. It has been totally digitalized and is available online for free in both Spanish and Italian language.

Venezual@ Recursos Genealogicos is a blog that presents and lists various publications on the history and genealogy in Venezuela.

FamilySearch is the largest genealogic organism in the world. It offers an online access to a huge database of records such as census, registers (births, deaths, marriages) and allows also to find Family History Centers everywhere in the planet where it is possible to consult digitized registers. We can also find on the website, a huge amount of references of genealogic sources for each country.

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