Sources of information

Below is the list of organizations that will allow you to search and trace your ancestors who emigrated or lived in North Africa.

Municipal Archives in ALGERIA

Please apply directly to the President of the Municipal Assembly of the city where the event occurred. Sending an international reply coupon and a self-addressed envelope is recommended.

Postcodes (ZIP codes) can be found on the website:

The names of cities before and after 1962 can be found on this website:

The APC (Assemblees Populaires Communales) are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Here are a few useful addresses:

Boulevard Zighoud Youcef
25000 Constantine

APC de SKIKDA (ex Philippeville)
Rue Zighoud Youcef
21000 Skikda

Archives de la Wilaya d'ORAN
Boulevard Colonel A. Benabderrazek
BP 12008
31030 Oran

Parish Registers of ALGERIA

Archive records transferred to France

Archives of the diocese of ALGIERS
Monastère des Clarisses
34 Rue de Brunschwich
30000 Nîmes
+33 466266676

Archives of the diocese of ORAN
Communauté des Moniales Dominicaines de Taulignan
Monastère La Clarté Notre Dame
980 Chemin de l’Ecluze
26770 Taulignan
+33 475535511

Record are requested directly on their site:

Archives of the diocese of CONSTANTINE
Monastère de la Visitation
Archives de Constantine
1 Boulevard Joseph Desanat
13150 Tarascon
+33 490910440

Archive records which remained in Algeria

If your search in the archives held in France are unsuccessful, try contacting:

Archevêché d'ALGER
15, rue Khelifa-Boukhalfa
16000 Alger-Gare

Évêché d’ORAN
2, rue Saad-ben-Rabbi
31007 Oran-el-Makkari

32, boulevard Belouizdad
BP 24B
DZ 25002 Constantine Coudiat

Mr le Secrétaire de l’Evêché
BP 94
03000 Laghouat

The Roland Mousnier Centre has published a digital guide to the history of the European population in Algeria. See the article in the Revue Française de Généalogie:

Research in MOROCCO

State website to use to apply for civil status documents:

Morocco genealogical research:énéalogique_au_Maroc

Parish archives:

Archevêché de RABAT
Services des Archives
1, rue Hadj Mohamed Riffai
BP 258 RP
10001 Rabat

Research in TUNISIA

State website to use to apply for civil status documents. This service allows you to request a birth certificate online and collect it through the post Office for Tunisians in Tunisia or foreign residents.

Geneanum allows you to search for civil or religious documents as well as a large indexed database, and other services:

Tunisia genealogical research:énéalogique_en_Tunisie

Sites and associations

GAMT (Généalogie Algérie Maroc Tunisie)

This is the most comprehensive starting point for research in North Africa but you need to become a member.

29 Avenue de Tubingen
+33 442951949

Genealogical mutual aid

Jewish genealogy

North Africa

Once upon a time PHILIPPEVILLE
The reference site on Philippeville and Stora (Algeria) created with passion for his birth town by Paul-Marcel DUCLOS (†2004).
History & Genealogy of MERS-EL-KEBIR
Site created by François BELTRA, who thanks to us has been able to trace back the story of Mers-el-Kébir and the life of the people of the whole town!
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