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The population census registers are not numerous, except in Procida where the parish priests were very rigorous in counting their souls in their only parish, and thus knowing who had made his communion or confirmation, was already married, deceased or left the island!

In fact, from 1702 to 1907, the perpetual parish priest of Procida travelled every 3 to 5 years or so through all the streets and paths of the island to list its inhabitants. It is therefore possible for you today to find your ancestors, to know where they lived and the composition of their family (parents, grandparents and children).

The few registers of the souls of Ischia and VENTOTENE are unfortunately not as complete, and the civil registers of population are very rare, except for a register in BARANO and a few registers of PROCIDA from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Thanks to the indexation of these registers and our search engine, you can search for your family in the censuses and obtain the digital extract.

recherche âmes procida

Example of a search in the records of Procida's souls