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The Association is maintiang an online shop in collaboration with our sponsors and local contacts in Procida and Ischia. This shop allows you to find and discover a large collection of books and movies (history, emigration, folklore, culture, photographs, tourism...) as well as several other products like paintings, postcards, stamps and other products of our Association:

The books presented online in our shop section have been chosen and proposed by the Libreria GRAZIELLA of Procida.

You may purchase them by going directly to the Libreria in Procida or you may order them through the Association who keeps a small stock.

ProcidaOggi is sold 2,00 € a copy and there are 4 to 6 issues per year.


Older and paper newspapers are still available on request.

Mario RAFFONE is the Editor of the Royal House of Bourbons of Two Sicilies, he lives in Naples and Procida.

He proposes various paintings taken from his private collection.

You may order and purchare them through the Association who has a small stock.

Download the catalog of the Libreria IMAGAENARIA
located in Ischia Ponte. You will find a large collection of books, mainly regarding Ischia, its history and its legends.

You may purchase them by going directly to the Libreria in Ischia Ponte (imagaenaria.com) or you may order them through the Association.

Orders received by the Association will be honored during the next trip to Procida & Ischia. You will then be able to pick them up at our headquarters or receive them by post (prices on the web site exclude postage and packing).

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