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From 2007, the computerized indexes have been imported into a database available on our web site thanks to a powerful search engine and ordering system.

  • The members of the Association, up to date with their membership, are able to access the database through authentication, update their user profile, view or order certificates online, check the status of your previous orders.
  • Visitors may continue to view the contents of the indexes and see by themselves the amount of work carried out so far by the Association.

From 2014, many civil registers have been made available online.

Since 2018, the registers of censuses are being indexed and are made progressively available in our database

List of registers

View the list of the archives and registers that have been digitalized and computerized.

How to use the new search engine and order online:

Download User Guide

Download the user's guide.

How your orders are processed:

Your orders of certificate are processed in chronological order and response time may vary depending on the availability of our volunteers and the number of orders received (usually from 2 to 3 weeks).

The cost of your orders (certificates and translations) will be automatically withdrawn from your current certificate balance.

You will receive via email a digital copy of the entire certificate extracted from the photo of the page of the register. The translations are provided in PDF format (Adobe Reader).

On reception of the certificates, it is your interest and responsibility of making regular backups on external storage media (USB, CD-ROM or other).

How to obtain a transcription and translation of a certificate:

Understanding the certificates may be sometimes a difficult task for several reasons: lack of knowledge of the Italian language, writing, abbreviations of the names, religious formulas in Latin or expressions taken from the local dialects.

To help you read and understand your certificates, please find some samples of transcription and translation of certificates for Procida, as well as some guides and Web sites that may help you.

If you are still unable to understand a certificate, you may order its transcription and translation. The Association offers a translation service carried out by our volunteers.

Two types of translation are possible (the costs depend on the type of translation and document):

  • Simple translation, including only the essential information (names, date, place, and any other useful detail that could be found).

  • Translation with transcription of the record (only those in Italian and after 1700). The record is fully transcript and translated.


In conformity with current legislation, the records of less than 75 years old are not available on line and you can only request the certificates of your relatives in the context of your genealogy.


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inst_acte.jpg (282465 octets)
Marriage certificate of Antonio SCOTTO DI VETTIMO and Elisabetta Maria COSTAGLIOLA D’ABELE in 1788
Transcription and translation of the marriage certificate of Antonio SCOTTO DI VETTIMO and Elisabetta Maria COSTAGLIOLA D’ABELE in 1788
Simple translation of the marriage certificate of Onofrio Jacinto SCOTTO and Portia FIORENTINO in 1637
Transcription and translation of the baptism certificate of Catarina DELLA ROCCA in 1734
Transcription and translation of the death certificate of Nicola COSTAGLIOLA D’ABELE in 1799

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