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Jimmy KIMMEL @ "Finding Your Roots"
on PBS in the USA on January 26, 2016

James Christian KIMMEL aka Jimmy KIMMEL is an American comedian and television host born on November 13, 1967 in Brooklyn, New York. He is the creator and host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a nightly entertainment show that has been airing on ABC since January 2003. In each show, a celebrity is invited and skits are played.

Finding Your Roots is a television show currently in production for its 3rd season on PBS. It is hosted by Henry Louis GATES Jr., a renowned professor at Harvard University. The aim of the show is to trace the genealogical history of famous people, exploring existing historical documents and DNA.

In his family tree below, Savino IACONO is the grandfather of Jimmy KIMMEL, originally from Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno on the island of Ischia:

Research carried out by Pascal SCOTTO DI VETTIMO in 2014 for "Finding your Roots"

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