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Préserver et comprendre nos origines

Le Mur des Migrants | Il Muro dei Migranti | The Wall of Migrants


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By becoming a member, you will contribute to the preservation of our roots from the islands of the Gulf of Naples.

Thanks to our activities of digitalization and indexing, members can easily find their ancestors and obtain a copy of the documents telling the story of their life (birth, mariage, death, census, abandonment, maritime registrations in Algeria, etc.).

To become a member, please download the membership form, print it and send it back to the Association with your payment.

As a member of the Association, you will be able to:

  • Look for your ancestors thanks to our online database available on the Web site of the Association.

  • Obtain a digital copy of the records and documents of your ancestors.

  • Create your personal Web page to share the story of your family and your genealogy.

  • Publish your messages and ask questions on the Web site of the Association.

  • Receive the newsletter of the Association.

  • Participate to the events and workshops organized by the Association, including our General Meeting which is held every other year.

  • Contribute to the indexing of the registers and the fund growth of the Association.

  • Have access to our booking service and receive discounts for your future stays in Procida and Ischia.

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